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IVB Messenger and Courier Service History

Dedicated to our Valley, we want to serve it and watch it grow. We have brought our we experience  high standards to our business. We have a vision to provide great service with great people.

Dedicated Shuttle

Management Training opportunities offered as part of our career pathing initiative to grow our employees in their career and goals.

 Cellphone Communication and GPS location

General messenger, medical,  process serving, court filing and  courier service  

We offer personalized trucking services for your company. Dedicated shuttle service can be established to help you move cargo between your various locations. 

Each of our offices and every driver are equipped with cell phones, ensuring that, regardless of circumstances, communication and location will never be lost. we ensure your cargo reaches its destination and you can reach us.

Criteria with IVB Messenger

IVB Messenger and Courier Service

We Care about  your cargo